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3 gorges dam

Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province sandouping from downstream Gezhouba Water Control Project 38 km; concrete is the world's largest hydropower project, is the main project of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station, the core of the landscape of the Three Gorges Dam in tourist areas, the Three Gorges eastern end of the reservoir.

Three Gorges Dam project, including the main building and the diversion project in two parts, is about 2309m, dam height of 185m, total investment of 95.46 billion yuan, on December 14, 1994 officially started construction, May 20, 2006 line was built.

Approved by the National Headquarters, the Three Gorges Reservoir in at 0:00 on September 10, 2011 officially launched the fourth 175 meters pilot water to at 19:00 on the 18th, the reservoir water level has reached 160.18 meters. July 23, 2012, the Three Gorges Project to open seven flood deep flood. Upstream runoff flows surged to 46,000 cubic meters per second. July 24, 2012, the Three Gorges Dam inflow of 71,200 m3 / s, is the largest flood peak since the Three Gorges Reservoir are encountered.

Lee at the dam: flood control; electricity; impoundment north; promote shipping. Drawbacks: the Yangtze River downstream migratory fish and fish endemic severely affected; increased sudden geological disasters; microseismic increased significantly. Meanwhile, the completion of the Three Gorges Dam diverted more than 39 trillion cubic meters of water to a height of 175 meters above sea level, according to NASA's calculations, which artificially slowing the Earth's rotation, said the day than in the past to extend 0.00000006 seconds.


Indian Hill Jade Shibaozhai leaning tower built, mountain towering potential, cornices wings, looks very strange. The whole building by Zhaimen, Walled body, attic (Walled capstone brake), with a total of 12 floors, 56 meters high, the whole system wooden structure. Before the Ming Dynasty, the Kangxi and Qianlong built perfect. Originally built nine layers, top with temple emperor Village Hall. Implied "seventh heaven" means. When the top three layers of the patch building built in 1956, is China's only one Shibaozhai several wooden structures, also known as one of "the world's eight singular architecture." Investment eight thousand yuan in Shibaozhai protection project - Shibaozhai cofferdam. After the project is completed, will be the largest on Shibaozhai world "bonsai" and the river "small Penglai."

Shibaozhai, is a national cultural relics protection units, national 4A level scenic spots. Shibaozhai located in the north shore of the Yangtze River in Chongqing Zhongxian territory, it is also known as the "Pearl of the river." From Zhong county 45 kilometers, where there is an overlooking Riverside ten feet high, steep boulders Koho ​​uprooted, Sky Goddess is said to have left in a multicolored stone, so called "Shibao." This stone-shaped jade India, also known as "Jade Indian Hill." The late Ming Tan Hong uprising, pursuant to Village, "Shibaozhai" name of the resulting.


Shennong Stream is a national 4A level scenic spots, located in the Yangtze River, is located between the Xiling Gorge and Wu Gorge, is a typical water scenery class eco-tourism scenic spot. The early 1980s, the local authorities began to organize tourists with original, quaint "pea angle" put wooden boat drift, visitors can enjoy a taste of the way the landscape on both sides of the blue sky and sea views and high-pitched excitement trackers chant.

Shennongxi streams on both sides, towering mountains, winding stretches, several overlapping peaks. Lung Cheong Gap formation, parrots Gap, Gap Shennong three insurance, show, odd distinctive natural gorge section. Gap in clear water pools, waterfalls throughout, Cliff Plank Road, the original boat, Tujia customs, stalagmite caves are all amazing. Shennongxi is Badong Yangtze River north of a steady flow of streams, originated "Huazhong first peak" of the southern slope of Shennongjia, from south to north walk through the canyon in the mountains, into the Yangtze River in the 2000 meters at the eastern mouth of the Wu Gorge, a total length of 60 km.

Shennongxi climate with subtropical monsoon climate to baseband, with the altitude increased awareness for many types Diego now turn warm and humid zone, temperate, cold wave band, etc., within the extreme low temperature -21 ℃, extreme high temperature 38.5 ℃.

Shennongxi source of the original forests inhabited by rare birds and animals, flying rat, monkey, serow, etc., especially the white variety of animal species, such as white pheasant, white snake, white goat, white snub-nosed monkey and so on. There is also growth of many rare plants, such as bloom, Xiangju day onions, mother magnolia, incense trees, rocks cabbage and other dazzling. One particularly striking is the dove tree, tall stalwart trees, flowers, perfectly clean, decorated with branches full of flowers just like an artful pigeons, hence the name "dove tree." According to the information, this tree extinct after the fourth glacier, Shennongjia unique natural geographical environment so that the fate of D. involucrata escape extinction, survives. Today, as a beautiful symbol of peace D. involucrata, already out of the country, to the world.

Shennongxi — Mianzhu Gorge — Yixiantian

Cotton Bamboo Gap landscape peculiar to insurance known. Canyon lush deep, rare ancient relics tectonic movements, specimens. Strait Fengyan Jia Zhi, structured, cliffs thousands of feet. Mountain cliffs and many caves, according to legend Tujia ancestors lived in caves, most of the caves outside moldering remains of broken walls or stone dry barrier can test. Rock between stalagmites, Shiman some may fall from the sky, strange; some wide and two, three hundred meters, nestled on both sides of the mountain, streams narrowest point is less than five meters, the heavens opened line, 5 km deep Grand Canyon, streams gradient degree up to 5%. Verdant vegetation on both sides, monkeys frolicking, flowers. "Pea angle" boat over the mountains, this "one in thirteen Bay, Bay Beach Lian Tan." Stern of beach, the bow and into the beach, sailing the meantime, feel like being in "paradise," the mood among. "Half of the Street", "the general door", "Kun Peng wings", "stalagmite rally", "vine mantle Fengyan" and other exquisite little scene, it is lifelike, cotton, bamboo rafting gorge, as the ancient Shennongxi adds splendor. Chimei scenery on both sides, canyon rare open land, the most narrow strait at only seven meters away. Gap boat trip, such as a quiet lane wearing heavy door. A few hundred meters up the mountain seat face to face pressure, almost out of sight in front of the waterway. In a dangerous gorge known for cotton bamboo, and the difficult climb over the cliff caves, huge stalactites hung upside volley riverbed narrow the gap between large, 4 km waterway rapids have size 30 places. Boat drifting, depends boatman skills heartbeat slam, but it is scare.

It originated in the Shennongjia Mountains Fairy Hill, a total length of 10 kilometers, along the four streams accepted at more than Zhai import Shennongxi mainstream. Gap in the landscape unique to insurance known. Mianzhu deep gorge lush valleys, peaks and crags Jia Zhi, twists and turns, cliffs thousands of feet. Canyon River, towering peaks, varied and dense vegetation draped in lush, verdant, both birds without a break, floral frequent attack, it is refreshing. "Pea angle" boat over mountains, canyons boatman chant echoed, as people look peak heart rate, peep Valley islands. "Savage Shen Zhang", "python coming out", "Kun Peng wings", "Sky", "half of the street" and other exquisite beauty, more lifelike, like paradise, full of Zen. "Sky" is here on behalf of the show's insurance, commonly known as "clip alley." Before the Three Gorges Dam reservoir, where the narrowest point, but five meters, fast-flowing, walls awe-inspiring Teli, clumps of moss, vines intersect, wind cold water. Now gone, its risk their show as ever! In Mianzhu gorge at the end, depending on the ruins of the ancient trade fairs rock built faintly discernible, commonly known as "half of the street." Here formerly of Liu Kui Dong thirteen Shennongxi body pure Ken war when he was defeated Qing, camp where, despite hundreds of years of wind and rain erosion barge, still faintly discernible. Through the broken wall ruins, rubble masonry stampede, one can imagine already released into the atmosphere between the high mountains and deep in the bustling marketplace.

Lung Cheong Shennongxi — Gap

Lung Cheong Gap total length of 5.78 km, male Gap confrontation, canyon twists and turns, deep quiet lane if the heavy door, are less than 20 meters wide, rock and more into a 80 degree to 90 degree slope line Sidi to male reflexes. As early as in the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu had drifted over the gorge, and leave a well-known poem: Hydra span of water away, embrace Village opposition teeth. Leaf Lanzhou Long Dong Fu, a few huts wild family. Song to and three years, Chiang Kai, Pender pure, 周茂叔 also boat drifting over the gorge, leaving this passage poem "Cidong non Cave, is also wonders landscape, a hole ten, the boat can float between" these verse fully explained, in ancient times on both sides of this wooded valley, vine plants cling on it, blotting out the sun, the shape of the cave, also known as Lung Cheong cave Gorge.

Three Gorges People

Three people Scenic Area, is a national AAAAA level scenic spot, located in the Yangtze River Three Gorges Xiling most fantasy bodied territory between the Three Gorges Dam and the Gezhouba Dam, across the beautiful Dengyingxia strait. Three people Pai beauty, beauty in the "Bay of urgency, Shi Qi, secluded valley, the hole must, Stephen Gan," which includes the dragon into the creek, the world fourth spring, wild sloping ridge, lights hole, the war memorial, Pai town, Yang River rafting and other military area.

Three people people, yard, picturesque style: Traditional houses on stilts dotted the landscape between the Three Gorges, returning to the ancient sailing Boat Sailing quietly parked in front of the people of the Three Gorges, the stream girl waving a wooden club in cleaning clothes, leisurely river fishing in fishing nets spread for thousands of years ...... not bad style embodies a variety of custom rustic Gorges hospitable people. Into Three Gorges on stilts, the Three Gorges sister singing and dancing, in the hands of the Red Hydrangea fluttering down, then Three girls handsome cup for your pampered Gap State of tea, you will feel dreamy, intimate contend.

Three people Pai beauty, beauty in the "Bay of urgency, Shi Qi, secluded valley, the hole must, Stephen Gan." It includes the dragon into the creek, the world fourth spring, wild sloping ridge, lights hole, the war memorial, Pai town, Yang River rafting and other military area, you can use its tourism connotation "one two three four" to summarize, namely: a museum ( Pai Memorial War), two special projects (Three Gorges project and the Yang family style river rafting military projects), the first three (of the Three Gorges Bay - Moon Bay, the first Chinese God card - Stone token, the Yangtze River Stone - lights Stone), the world fourth Springs - toad spring. Three family-style project which is divided into the boat dwellers, people stream, the mountain people and today people. Throughout the ages, ancient literati poet wrote many beautiful poems, such as Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty, Song Ouyang Xiu, Su Zhe, Huang, Song Lu Qing Zhang Zhidong, as well as a modern poet Guo and so on. Poets with their spiritual pen, or write Three people, or write scull sound Sails, or write toad Oasis, or write Castle waterfalls, or write Xiufeng rocks ...... read these poems, reminding us of scenes immersive, full Overview of the Three people Totally magical scenery and rich flavor.


Fengdu Ghost City